Diner and Pinterest

So, I don’t think I have as much to say as I normally do, but I’ve had several little blog ideas roaming around in my brain for a while, and I have a paper due tomorrow. This means it’s blog time! As for reviews go, all the new Supernatural has been bland. I enjoy the episodes, but I just haven’t felt up to a full review, and it would be pretty boring anyway. Also, I don’t know if I will ever be able to properly review Breaking Bad. Snoogally and I are into the second season, yet I still don’t think my thoughts on the show would translate into text. I suppose that I could bang my head against the keyboard while snarling angrily, but I feel something would be lost in the process. At some point, I might attempt a movie review if I ever watch a movie again, but that will be for another day.

First order of business is a delicious Athens-area restaurant that I love. It’s called Clocked. Clocked is set up like an old-school diner with retro posters, retro menu fonts, and general retro decor. They specialize in burgers which I, sadly, cannot review, as I haven’t actually had one yet. They look pretty good, and Snoogally seemed to like his. I have had their black bean burger which appears to be fried and is quite crispy and delicious. Their hot dogs are also great, and they are GIGANTIC. In fact, many things at this restaurant are GIGANTIC. The burgers are GIGANTIC and the milkshakes are GIGANTIC. The restaurant itself is not, however, GIGANTIC. I have never been there during a rush, but there isn’t much seating. If you go, definitely go during their off hours. On a similar note, the servers are always super friendly. I don’t know if this is in their training or if the diner just attracts this kind of person, but they always seem to call people “hun” or “sweetie” in that reassuring, Southern aunt way. And they always ask if you “need anything else.” It reminds me quite a bit of Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter series. You sit down and get 32 ounces of milkshake and a huge chili dog while a cheerful woman worries that you’re looking “peaky” and tries to feed you french fries. Occasionally, the service hasn’t been the fastest, but, and this is hard for me to explain because I have so many issues with service all over Athens, I haven’t really cared. And I’m never at this place with unlimited time to kill. I always go inbetween classes on Tuesday or Thursday, and yet I never mind if the food comes a little slowly. It’s almost like there is an air of chill in the place that makes me feel comfortable. My nonchalance could also be attributed to the niceness of the staff. They do seem to care if your food is taking a while, and they check up with you and stuff. It’s just a very calming place and it has really great and interesting food–they have a raspberry habanero pepper sauce for the sweet potato fries that is amazing. The price range is moderate. It’s a little pricy for a broke college kid, but I never spend more than fifteen bucks including tip, and I don’t eat as cheaply as I could. The giant hot dogs are only five bucks, and there are a few burgers for six to eight dollars. Nothing comes with fries, but the portions are pretty big, so it doesn’t bother me too much.

Anyway, you should all totally go there. It’s right next to the 40 Watt (two streets north of Gigi’s Cupcakes and to the right for the non-bar hoppers), and it’s just a really nice place to go.

My second order of business today is Pinterest. It’s basically a place full of pictures that people have “pinned” from other parts of the Internet. You can often click on the pictures and get links to tutorials, fun blogs, or recipes. Other times, you can click on a link and go absolutely nowhere and be pissed because that baked ziti looked really good, dammit why is there only a picture? Why have you shown me this beautiful hair style only to NOT have a how-to guide? I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. On the one hand, there are lots of nifty craft ideas, decorative ideas (for that house that I will someday own), recipes (Did I mention that I’ve taken up baking? I have made all the cupcakes.), pretty makeup, pretty nail polish, pretty hair, pretty clothes, and just lots of pretty stuff that I covet like the ginger magpie that I am. On the other hand, well, how do I put this nicely… Hmm.

Ok, you know the sort of person who gets one of those wall decals that say “Live, Love, Laugh” or “Live well and Drink wine” and thinks “Yes, that is what I’m all about. Put that right up in my kitchen on the wall between the rustic folk art I got at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and my Pilates machine. The sort of people who have portraits taken of their family on the beach in all white outfits and send you out of date chain messages filled with emotions and cute animal pictures and possibly play tennis. Middle aged housewives who have a little more money than sense who all seem to share a generic taste for “deep” sayings and cutesy art projects with googly eyes, is what I think I’m trying to convey. They’re generally prudish Christians who seem to have forgotten all the shit they did in college. Pinterest is full of those people. I mean, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with those type of people, but they aren’t really my type of people. However, I like baking, needle crafts, DIY, and lots of other stuff that causes my taste and their taste to overlap. So, inbetween a lot of cool decor, you’ll find about a million affirmative bible verses. You’ll find walls of text explaining how all of your problems are relatively insignificant and how YOU ARE BLESSED. There was an interesting photo of a naked woman and a man doing some sort of strange pose. The man was standing on his head with his legs out in a split while the woman rested a pregnant stomach on top. Their genitals weren’t showing (though obviously touching due to the nature of the pose), and the picture was, naturally, in black and white. I really didn’t think too much about it but oh lord, the comments. People thought it was DISGUSTING! WHO WOULD TAKE SUCH A PHOTO? ICK! BECAUSE WE SHOULD RUN FROM NAKED BODIES, OH LAWD. There are also lots of exercise goals, comments about “ideal bodies,” and general sighing over thin/muscular ladies sandwiched (ha, ha, because sandwich is a food, you see) between recipes for crock pot chocolate cake and white Russian cupcakes (they were delicious but the frosting was ridiculously sweet). And, my personal favorite, quotes like “IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE ME AT MY WORST, YOU DON’T DESERVE ME AT MY BEST” or “I’M THE KIND OF GIRL WHO LIKES HER SWEATPANTS AND HER HEELS” and (on the front page as of writing) “A HEARTBREAK IS JUST A BLESSING FROM GOD. IT’S HIS WAY OF LETTING YOU REALIZE HE SAVED YOU FROM THE WRONG ONE.”

So I spend half of my time in happy land and the other half in judgey land. It also bothers me because it means more ~edgy~ stuff that I like will never be posted because it might offend people. So yeah. That’s Pinterest. Also, I am now fervently disagreeing with Matt’s assessment that it is “Reddit for girls.” Reddit for girls would have nudity, damn it.

…So, I said that this would be a short blog post, and that turned out to be a damn lie. If you made it through my Pinterest rant, more power to you. In the future. I will be taking photos of things I bake and/or craft and inflicting them upon your eyes. Probably. Maybe just when I have another paper due.