Sleep continues to be for the weak, and I continue to be sick

So, I didn’t sleep last night. I take that back; I got roughly thirty to forty-five minutes of sleep. Then, I got up and rushed to an interview for the internship that I desperately want. Sadly, I think I may have done worse on the proofreading test than the last time I interviewed because I am so tired what are words? However, this sleepiness has led me to a quick blog post because I got out of the interview early and decided that I needed nothing more than a delicious Starbucks. I didn’t want just any Starbucks, mind you. I wanted heavily caffeinated Starbucks. For those of you unacquainted with my beverage consumption habits (none of you have any reason to be, but I’m certain I’ve inflicted this information on the poor souls who know me personally), I registered a Starbucks card a while ago, and I’m very close to gold membership. If you become a gold member, they send you a gold (not made of actual gold, obviously) member card. I originally registered in order to get free soy milk, because after five drinks, you get a bunch of perks, but now, I spend a ton of money on delicious coffee beverages.

Now, all of you coffee snobs can sit down. Firstly, I cannot tell the difference between good and bad coffee. My father once threatened to disown me because I brought home those instant coffee tea bag things. So I wouldn’t know how terrible Starbucks coffee is (although I hear that they burn it to make it seem richer). Secondly, who the hell goes to Starbucks for coffee? Make that at home, or go to a gas station. If I want coffee, I have a coffee maker. You know what I don’t have? A Frappuchino machine. I can’t afford to keep a store of Matcha Green Tea Powder in the house, and even if I could, our blender cost fourteen dollars. It can’t blend anything. I certainly don’t have an espresso machine. I go to Starbucks for heavily caloric, sugary deliciousness.

That said, many Starbuckses are, well, not good. The one in the Kroger off College Station, for example, is pretty terrible. However, as I went to the Starbucks downtown, right on Broad Street, I realized just how nice a place it is. For example, I usually order soy and no whipped cream on my drinks, but sometimes, I decide that I don’t mind whipped cream on my drink (I never really like Starbucks whipped cream because it mixes with the drink and tastes icky at the end), but now, my drinks never have whipped cream on them–even if I don’t specify it. I think the guy just knows me. The people that work at this particular Starbucks are all very cheerful, nice, and good at their jobs. My Frappuchinos are always mixed all the way without any ice chunks. I cannot stress how nice the staff is. I know that there is the whole “go local” movement happening right now, and Walker’s is right next to Starbucks, but I always feel lost in that place. The staff isn’t as friendly or helpful, and they don’t have a comprehensive menu. So I go to the franchise place. Obviously, all Starbuckses aren’t this nice, but the delicious Grande Coffee Frappuchino with a shot of espresso that I just inhaled and the toasted, multi-grain bagel I just nommed has inspired me to write a surprisingly long post about how people in Athens should go to the Starbucks on Broad Street. Because it’s pretty sweet.


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  1. Starbucks gets a lot of flack because they actually do a really dark roast (the ‘burning’ you mentioned). The ‘fashionable/trendy’ way to make coffee is to roast it as lightly as possible. This produces an inferior espresso, though french press and drip coffees made in this manner tend to have a more subtle, delicate flavor. I like Starbucks pretty well, but they’re a bit more expensive than I want to spend on a beverage.

    PS: I have an espresso machine. You will learn good coffee.

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