It’s Review Time!

Since I spent my last post bitching about stuff, I figured that I’d make a new post… well, bitching about stuff. But this stuff is infinitely less irritating than the last stuff, and I don’t actively want to shoot it. This post has been marinating forever, and when I finally sat down and wrote it, I lost about half the content due to the stupidity of school computers. Apparently, pressing the “Save” button does not actually save your work.

Anyway, have some (spoiler free, aww yeah) TV show reviews!

Show #1 – Girls (HBO)

Girls has been circulating around getting all sorts of press because Judd Aptow is working on it, and the creator of the show is an indie darling who recently made an indie film that got a lot of praise. It’s about a bunch of post-grads trying to make their way in the world what with the crappy economy and all.

So, this show is about, surprise, some girls. Now, my big gripe with this show is the way that it was marketed towards, well, me. I am an English/History major with a whole lot of student loans. I’m about to graduate in this job market where, I’ve been assured, no one will care about my degree. In that trailer, the main character (I’m going to call her “Main Girl”) says that she’s “the voice of her generation or a generation.” Now, the creator states that that line was not supposed to be taken seriously (and the character was high on opium when she said it). That said, this show is trying to be the voice of my generation. The show is titled Girls. As in, look at these average girls! Our Main Girl is a little chubby and she has bad tattoos! They have loser boyfriends! And money problems! They talk to each other while on the toilet! You can relate to these girls!

The main character is twenty-four. She graduated two years ago. Her parents have been sending her almost two thousand dollars a month since then. They also apparently gave her money while she was in college and paid for her schooling. Yeah. This girl is really someone that I can relate to. Now, in her defense, she has been working an unpaid internship, so she isn’t a total bum. Worse, as much as I would like to hate her and love her parents for cutting her privileged ass to the curb, I hate her parents too. They show up out of the blue and cut her off just like that. They don’t give her time to find a job. They don’t give her any notice. Just, bam, no more money. And I can’t sympathize with that either. If she were a total slacker just living off their money, then yes, I could maybe see a sharp cut off like that, but she’s been working an internship. That means that she can probably find some job somewhere, but those things do not pop up overnight, and her parents have made her search about three times as hard because she has to worry about running out of money while she looks for work. Ugh.

And she has friends! I’ve seen two episodes, and I can’t really remember anyone’s name. There’s Sensible Girl who has a job and a boyfriend who is so sickeningly nice that he disgusts her. British Girl sleeps with everyone’s boyfriends, but, gasp, is also has more depth than you’d expect. Preppy Valley Girl is British Girl’s cousin, and, as far as I can tell, she doesn’t have more depth than you’d expect. I guess that there is nothing really awful about this show. I mean, shows with flat, unlikable characters pop up all the time. There are a few funny moments that, in my opinion, are outweighed by the painfully awkward moments. I don’t know. Maybe give this show a watch if you have HBO. My roommate likes it.

My Rating: Angry Meh

Show #2 – The Borgias (Showtime)

Hell. Yes. This show combines most of my favorite things: sex, violence, history, church corruption, and older British men. I must admit that I had no idea who the Borgias were before the show came out. AP history just focused on the Medicis, man. That means that I can’t really complain about any historical inaccuracies, so you’re spared from that.

Those of you who are familiar with other “historical” shows like Rome or The Tudors know that “historical” means “lots of tits and nudity and sex.” And yes, The Borgias has some sex and nudity, but I would definitely say that there is a whole lot more violence. Lots of violence. It’s pretty graphic, ugly violence too. For this review, I think that I’m going to do a bit of a pros and cons sort of thing.

The Good
They obviously have a good budget for costumes and settings. Everything is really pretty. The acting is pretty great, though your mileage may vary on that point. I’m not sure why, exactly, but they let Jeremy Irons ham it the hell up, particularly at the end of the first season and the beginning of the second. I mean, damn. I find it pretty hysterical a lot of the time, and he pulls back in the more dramatic scenes, so it’s not like he’s ruining any good moments. Once you get into it, I thought the show was really engaging, and I couldn’t put it down.

The Bad
That said, it did take me a while to get into it. The first episode isn’t that compelling, and it’s two hours long. I would recommend watching the first two or three episodes if you can. I watched the first and then didn’t pick it back up until after the second season had started. Also, while the Pope does occasionally bring the lolz, I don’t find his plot threads to be that interesting. I really like Cesare, Lucrezia, and the mistresses so I often find myself waiting patiently for them to show up. That said, the less interesting plot points don’t bore me terribly. They’re just less engaging. On a more personal gripe, they keep killing characters that I like while leaving the ones that I want garroted (It’s a cheese cutter, sir, and Cesare’s assassin’s weapon of choice) alive. On a very personal gripe, if you watched the trailer, you might have heard the name “Giulia Farnese” spoken. Megan says that I might just be more sensitive to it, but I really, truly think that they say her name more than any other character’s. It’s goddamn everywhere. And they say her full name, too: Giu-li-a Far-na-say. It drives me up the freaking wall. However, I’m going to assume that most of my readers are not, in fact, named Julia (or Giulia), so that shouldn’t bother other people.

My Rating: Pretty sweet. You should watch it.

So yeah! I would not really recommend Girls, but I wouldn’t not recommend it either because you might like it. I would recommend The Borgias unless you hate violence, sex, and history in which case I would not recommend it because you might not like it.

…Wow, I think I might be too understanding of different tastes to review things. That’s… that’s a first.


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